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Registering user on the operating system level

This type of account is needed to work directly on the APIIS Server and it is related only to this users, which use the APIIS Shell or run some batch jobs. In such case user must have an account (login and password) in the operating system of APIIS Server.
Standard Linux user account can by created by executing the following command:
adduser [login] -g [login] -G [APIIS administrator group]
During creation of account, the user is also assigned to the required Linux group (see 1.3.2).

At the end user APIIS_HOME path have to be defined in .bash or .profile file. Path have to be redirected to the APIIS administrator space where the software is kept (see 1.3.2).

export APIIS_HOME=/home/apiis_administrator/devel/apiis

Marek Imialek 2006-06-22